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Electric Bicycle Motor Kit

3 Chainwheel Motorized kit (tools and chain not included)

Geared motor 24V 360W, 24V 500W 3 chainwheel Kit picture( built-in controller)

Geared motor 24V 480W, 36V 720W, 24V 840W, 36V 1260W, 48V 1680W 3 chainwheel Kit picture ( External Kelly controller)

All 3 chainwheel kits will only use new bracket
new braket

3 Chainwheel Motorized kit

3 Chainwheel Complete kit
(including: Kit+ battery + charger)

FREE 2 needed tools and 68 links chain as a gift

*The actual battery and charger might look different from the pictures below.

24V 12AH LiFePo4 with alloy case picture

The 36V 12AH and 48V 12AH battery is with bag.



3 Chainwheel Complete kit
3 Chainwheel

Battery Options:
Berman power
Lifepo4 pack in alloy case or bag

charger controller

12AH 24V pack in alloy case

5A build-in
500W build-in


24~48V 100A kelly controller ( throttle 24V)

12AH 36V (5.4 kg,15C)
pack in bag

4A 24~36V 50A kelly controller ( throttle 36V)
12AH 36V (5.4 kg,15C)
pack in bag
4A kelly controller 24~48V 100A high torque ( throttle 36V) high torque

12AH 48V (15C)
pack in bag
3A 48V
(4 hours)
24~48V 100A kelly controller( throttle 48V) high torque


All our DIY kit, battery and parts' lead time 5~20 days, usually send in 10 days

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