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The Most powerful Electric Bicycle DIY motor kits in the world!!
Cyclone E-Bike DIY kits- Convert your own bike into a battery-powered electric bicycle

our kits are all Made In Taiwan

If you order outside of USA- please email sales@ebkit.com for quote

500W E-Bike with
24V 10Ah LiFePo4 batteries
960W E-Bike with
36V 10Ah LiFePo4 batteries

3 flexible modes to fit your lifestyle and needs:

Just relax: Continuous throttle control without pedaling
Zoom-Zoom: Pedal assist with continuous throttle control for fastest speed
Exercise: Pedal only without motor resistance

* Our motors are all brushless.

1 chainwheel kit: 

This kit will work with your bike's rear gearing system.  You can enjoy the high-end cruising speed and also the low gear power for climbing hills.

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3 chainwheel kit: 

If you are an active person, this is the system that you are looking for.   Adding to the 1 chainwheel kit, the 3 chainwheel set up will give you more room under the chainwheel for rock climbing or whatever you like to do.  It also has an extra 24T chain wheel to give you more climbing power.

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Double freewheel kit: 

This kit will give the recumbent trike owner more power to enjoy mountain climbing, or cruising along the beach.

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Please see Gallery page for more pictures

Store Policies

We offers the following Warranty and Returns Policy:


We guarantee Motors, batteries with BMS purchased from us with a 12 months warranty against defects in quality. Chargers have 6 months warranty against defects in quality. All products are checked for quality before being shipped out. If you purchased any items which appear to have a problem, please contact us. In most cases we are able to sort out the problem by providing technical support, without your sending anything back. If we cannot resolve the problem by email we will provide you detailed instructions on how to return the item for repair or replacement only. Buyers are responsible for return shipping cost. Please do not return anything without first contacting us to obtain authorization. Shipping fees are not refundable.

7 days return or exchange

Returns or exchanges will only be accepted for defective or damaged products upon shipment and must be authorized by us before the product(s) is returned. We will replace, refund, or credit your account for a returned product(s) at our discretion. Shipping & handling fees are NOT REFUNDABLE. Buyers are responsible for return shipping cost. For any exchange or refund, we need the receipt or a record of the purchase in our system, and the product must be in its original condition, including the box, packaging, & accessories.

All our DIY kit and parts' lead time 5~20 days, usually send in 10 days

" Kit": including 200W or 250W or 360W or 500W or 650W or 840W or 960W or 1200W or 1500Wbrushless motor with controller, battery lead, throttle, motor bracket, crank set Chain wheel on freewheel .

"Batteries bag and Charger" : including 20Ah 24V SLA battery's bag and 2A charger, batteries charging plug, for 1200W, 1500W kit use please order 2 sets of Batteries bag and Charger ( it need to order with kit)

(LiFePo4 +BMS batteries ready made pack has+1200 cycles or +1800 cycles) We give 1/2 year limited warranty on our battey packs

BP "12.5Ah 24VLiFePo4 batteries+BMS": including battery in a bag for 180W~840W Kits. dual 500W dual 840W

BP 12.5 Ah 36 VLiFePo4 batteries+BMS": including battery in a bag. for 960W or 900W kit. dual 960W

BP 12.5 Ah 48V LiFePo4 batteries+BMS": including batteries in bag for 960W, 1200Wkit. dual 1200W dual 1500W

Custom made: Berman Power LiFePo4 batteries pack voltage up to 600V 200Ah. e-mail sales@ebkit.com.

"Tools": including Chain breaker and crank sets extractor

"complete kit": including Kit, battery, charger,Chain breaker and crank set extractor.